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"It's the Team Work that makes the Dream Work."


At The Harmony Tree, our staff is our mainstay. Each teacher, and every assistant bring their own unique strength to the table-and together, we find a way to give physical expression to our "child-first" philosophy.

To give an analogy, our teachers are our limbs, eyes and ears, while some the backbone, while others are the flesh, muscle and life's blood. Simply put, each one is a valuable and cherished member of The Harmony Tree family and contributes meaningfully to the happy and healthy environment we strive for.

To that end, they undergo intensive and continuous ongoing training programs to familiarize them with The Harmony Tree ideology, interspersed with regular brain-storming sessions and training workshops all through the year.

Team building exercises are also conducted regularly, all the better to help the staff know and understand each other. The annual staff getaway/picnic is part of that exercise-something we all look forward to! This is not only a refreshing break, but also helps align personal ideologies with the organizational ethos.

After all, our teachers are here not so much to teach-as they are to help them learn.



Shilpa Solanki

Founder & Principal


The clarity of the founder-principal's vision can be summed up in a line. "Your Child First."

Her 20 years spent in both pre-primary and primary education (including 7 years at Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, Pune and 10 years as founder-principal of The Orchid School Pune) have taught given her a deep and compassionate understanding evolving and crucial nature of early education.

To that end, she leads The Harmony Tree family in keeping an open mind and accepting heart to make the learning meaningful and magical for every student.



Our Sopan Baug Team




Garima Kamble

Admin Head


Garima's motto is simple. "If something's worth doing - it's worth doing well."

Heading the Administrative Department at The Harmony Tree is about perfect coordination with the parents for queries, and with the rest of the Harmony Tree team for overall smooth functioning of the school. She's also the lady responsible for the maintenance of the building, premises and equipment.



Shreya Gorey

Admin Assistant/Co-Teacher


Shreya is fun loving and bubbly. Her energy is contagious. Children look forward to a class with her. Shreya believes learning cannot take place in a dull environment and a preschool teacher needs to keep the energy of the class going.

Shreya is also part of the school admin and plays a key role in the office. Managing the spaces, service staff and over all wellbeing of the school.




Farah Lokhandwala

Lead Facilitator Parent Toddler


"Love speaks a language that needs no translation." Farah

Our Parent Toddler Teacher, Farah di's loving, affectionate and inclusive approach has every child instantly comfortable with her. Her art and craft skills and mixed media approach to the process of communication, she ensures the little ones enjoy a lucid understanding of fundamental concepts.





Riya Bhandari

Lead Facilitator Play Group


Riya’s positive energy and warm smile makes her a children’s favourite. She believes that early years are very crucial for every child and a happy environment at this stage is important.

“Making that difference , every day in child’s life makes me feel very content and proud”



Kavita kohe

Kavita Kohe

Co Facilitator Play Group


Our nursery teacher believes in the twin mantras of "correct nutrition and correct nurture."

Little wonder giving her experience as a nutritional consultant. Passionate, positive and yet insistent on discipline and focus, Kavita di does what it takes to shape the children in a holistic way. 




Sukaina Munjee

Sukaina Munjee

Lead Facilitator Nursery


Our homeroom teacher for nursery brings a calm and strong approach to teaching her "babies," each of whom, she believes is "unique."

Armed with a teacher's training qualification from the respected Vivero International Preschool and assorted experiences at various international schools, Sukaina is all about love and discipline. 




Pelevono Peseyie,

Co Facilitator Nursery


Pele is very soft spoken and warm towards children. Her playfulness attracts kids. She loves being around them and the positivity children emit. Pele has completed her Masters in Economic apart from her Teacher Training course.



Vijal Shah

Lead Facilitator Nursery


Vijal believes that teaching is a profession where we get a chance to become children again. Helping children with tools to build their imagination is key.

She is educated in and done her TTC course as well.



Maria Abdul Husain

Maria Abdul Husain

Co Facilitator Nursery


Our KG1 teacher's core strength is the ease with which she forms bonds. With over 10 years as admin cum counselor in the field of education, she believes in leveraging learning through emotional connect.





Sana Khan


Sana Khan

Lead Facilitator K1


Positive, passionate and enthusiastic, that’s Sana for you!

Currently taking the KG-1 class, Sana training for the IB program as well as the crucial subject of phonics, is the foundation that helps her teach the kids to read, write and communicate effectively.

She also is a part of our curriculum designing team.



Melba Dsouza

Lead Facilitator K2


“I truly believe in imparting children with values and independence to help them develop love for learning” Melba

After working in HR field Melba moved to teaching in a Montessori School after she realized that working with children was her true calling. Understanding every child’s innate quality and bring out the best in them is what she loves working towards. Melba is teaching our K-2 class.



Komal Gaur

Komal Gaur

Lead Facilitator Day Care


Her warm smile and commitment to care for and greet each child in our Day Care section is truly remarkable.

Treating each child as an unique individual, she is diligent about creating an environment that pays attention to all areas of development: physical, social, emotional and cognitive.




Chhaya Gohel

Chhaya Gohel

Co Facilitator Day Care


Despite her background in interior designing, motherhood acquainted Chhaya with her own deep love of children. She realized her passion lay in kids’ education and soon joined the team as a teacher.

Children, she believes are like clay, and deserve careful and responsible handling to help mold them.





Our Kalyani Nagar Team


Gauri Oka

Centre Head and Lead Facilitator for Parent Toddler


Gauri heads our Kalyani Nagar branch and her key role includes effectively managing this centre, handling the parent enquiries, delegating the work as per individual job profile, planning and execution of events. Her role also covers over-looking effective delivery of the program across classes and helping the academics design team.

After working as a teacher with a preschool she is equipped to support teachers for classroom management as well. She has also worked as a Media Planner and has an MBA degree in Advertising and Marketing.



Kejal Munot

Lead Facilitator Play Group


Kejal believes that every child learns differently and it’s important to create an environment where learning becomes fun and is not limited to theory. She has been working as a remedial educator and understands the importance of early intervention.



Natalie Contractor

Co Facilitator Play Group


“The feeling of satisfaction is immense when I see the excitement on a child’s face upon learning something new for the first time” Natalie

Natalie an Economics student was always inclined towards working with children. She loves the smiles her role adds to a child’s life.



Anangha Sabuwala


Anangha Sabuwala

Lead Facilitator Nursery


Our homeroom teacher for Nursery at Kalyani Nagar, Anagha is a firm believer in facilitating experimentation and exploration for children in natural surroundings, so they can believe the evidence of their hands, eyes, ears, and above all-minds. 




Ritu Agnani

Ritu Agnani

Lead Facilitator K1/K2


Friendly, approachable and solution-oriented, Ritu simply enjoys being around children, even as she spends her time researching new ways of teaching with board displays and other innovation.

"Inspired and vivacious are the two words that best describe her."