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"Children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to example-and their hearts to love."

- Shilpa Solanki


Our Day Care is a pretty and homely set up where the parent can safely leave their child for a few hours. The child is well taken care, lovingly fed and engaged in a fun routine consisting of play, art, craft, some music and also some rest. In short, this is their home away from home. The advantages of this are many: they learn socialization and co-existence with other children, even as they spend productive time off screen (a significant value addition in an era of single children.)

What's more, this set up is a notch above a nanny-dependent, solitary set up at home, and also spares the child the angst of the nanny leaving eventually.

What merits a significant mention here is that our Day care teachers are highly qualified professionals who bring their inherent experience and creativity to child care.

Our Kalyani Nagar campus has been entrusted to the care of Aajol - Pune's leading day care specialists for over 25 years now. The Harmony Tree and Aajol share a similar ideology with regard to child care practices and it was a very natural match for both the institutions to collaborate and provide everything under one safe and familiar roof for all children.


Days and Timings


DaysTimingAge Group
Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm 1.6 years & above
Saturday 9.00 am -1.00 pm