Inspiring hearts and minds

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"Here's to a meaningful spend of your time; Yes, fun and learn do rhyme!"


"We put the child in control of their own learning as children learn independently, and to suit their own interest and curiosity, not to appease or to fit in." Shilpa Solanki

From Summer Camps to Dance and Elocution, Nature Camps to Theatre workshops for kids, Elocution to Phonics and Lego to "Do it Yourself" Art and Craft modules that teach a gamut of skills like making soap and cards, tassels and tie and dye to homemade chocolate, the after-school hours at The Harmony Tree activity centre are a load of education, information and fun as camps and workshops are held all the year through by reputed mentors/organizations.

Importantly, the school's premises serve as a converging point for children of assorted ages to avail of entertainment and engagement that is utilitarian, socially relevant and developmentally significant.