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"Early childhood is a very crucial period of life. It is during this period that they acquire long-lasting attitudes and approaches towards themselves and others. Our role, therefore, is to facilitate a fun and fruitful environment for learning and give meaningful experiences so that the attitude and approach is open, accepting and positive." Shilpa Solanki



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At The Harmony Tree Every day is an experience


If God lies in the details, so does a celebratory attitude towards each day, each relationship and towards the festivities that come along.

To that end, we have a unique calendar, choc-a-bloc with both themed days and events making every single day special. This allows for a lot of seamless, experiential and practical learning in the course of day to day learning.


Our Spaces


Open, green, spacious and welcoming, The Harmony Tree has been singularly lucky in both its premises at Kalyani Nagar and Sopan Baug.

While the amenities and design are meant to be colourful and appealing to the child's eye, the campus is also realistic and practical-so as to help develop the child's capacity to successfully negotiate his/her surroundings with gradual independence and confidence.

Amidst all this, the focus remains firmly on the play area. From slides and trampolines and merry go rounds to little huts for reading/show and tell sessions, to colourfully festooned classrooms equipped with a plethora of toys and books to an array of thoughtfully handpicked learning aids, art and craft items dedicated to 'fun and learn' much foresight, planning and effort has gone into creating a space that appeals to the senses, and connects with the heart.

In short, a space for the children, of the children.